Outline for Cardiovascular Powerpoint

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Chronic Disease Outline for Cardiovascular Disease
Introduction – The statistics for cardiovascular disease are astonishing, approximately 26.5 million people are diagnosed with one form or another of heart disease each year. Of those that are diagnosed approximately 600,000 lose the battle each year. Many live their lives with some form of heart disease and may not even know it. Cardiovascular disease which is also known as heart disease can come in all forms from an irregular heart beat to heart valve problems. Making sure that we are dieting and exercising regularly as well as maintaining routine check ups with our doctors can lower our risk of heart disease in the future. Causes and Risk Factors

A. Causes - The cause for coronary heart disease in the build up of plaque in the heart's arteries. Your doctor may refer to them as hardening of the arteries. If the coronary arteries are blocked by fatty materials or other substances they are unable to successfully transport blood and oxygen to your heart. Because the plaque build up causes the arteries to narrow. If this happens it drastically slows the blood flow to the heart and can stop it altogether.

B. Risk Factors
a. Environmental
Air Pollution – This particular risk factor is one that is less easily to avoid. Each of us breathes in hundreds of toxins everyday that comes from the vehicles we drive, factories we work in, not to mention the sources that come naturally from mother nature such as smoke from fires and volcanoes. Tobacco smoke is also a contributor to polluting the air that we breath. We do not have to be a smoker for it to cause damage to our hearts. Other normal risk factors that often go unnoticed are those from the soil we plant our gardens in along with something as simple as the dust we kick up when taking a Sunday drive on a back country road. However, your risk for heart disease through air pollution is considerably lower if you live in a rural community verses a large city due to...
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