Outline: Critical Thinking and Evidence

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Chapter 3 - A Process of Critical Thinking
- In this Chapter it will explain to you how you use critical thinking everyday to make decisions and solve problems. When you use critical thinking you can explore many problems step by step and come up with reasonable solutions. There are three activities that are the core of critical thinking, they are: analysis, synthesis, and evalution. A. Supporting Critical Thinking with Evidence

- As you are writing a college paper, you should think about the purpose for which you are writing it, the position, and the strategies for getting the readers to understand your ideas and to accept the points you are trying to make. Sound evidence supports your main idea or thesis, convincing readers by understanding your points. - Types of Evidence

- Evidence is anything that demonstrates the soundness of a claim. Four reliable forms of evidence are: facts, statistics, firsthand observations, and expert testimony. Some other evidence could be: examples, illustrations, details, and opinions. If you are unsure on what type of evidence you should use on an assignment, be sure to ask your instructor whether you should use sources or rely on personal experiences and examples. ·Facts - Facts are statements that can be verified objectively, by observation or by reading a reliable account. Facts are usually stated dispassionately. Sometimes people say facts are true statements, but truth and sound evidence may be confused. ·Statistics - Statistics are facts expressed in numbers. Most writers, without trying to be dishonest, interpret statistics to help their causes. Even though a writer is free to interpret a statistic, statistics should not be used to mislead. If you doubt a statistic, compare it with figures reported by several other sources. You should never trust a statistical report tt is different from every other report unless it is backed by further evidence. ·Expert Testimoney - By...
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