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Topics: Stereotype, Race, Ethnic stereotype Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Erykah Black
Instructor Carrie Kemmett
WRT 104
28 November 2012
African American Stereotyping on Television
African Americans on television, stereotyping or realism? Definitely negative stereotyping. African American stereotyping on television has been a focus on television shows for centuries. The majority of television shows with African American cast has a stereotypical plots and scenes. These shows on television are not creating laughs and giggles for viewers they are negatively portraying the African American race. African American Stereotyping on television is a controversial issue that not only effects African Americans but also other cultures who watch the shows. Continuing to stereotype African American’s on television will only advance the negative feelings and opinions to viewers.

Stereotyping of African American’s began in the 1970’s and 1980’s (Ford, T.E) when African American’s started to be shown on television more frequently. Throughout the years African Americans began to appear more and more on television, in the year 1978 there was 8.3 percent of African Americans on television which more then doubled in 1989 with 17% (Ford, T.E). Unfortunately with the increase of African Americans on television came the rise of African American stereotypes. Black men are most commonly perceived on television as having involvement in drugs and crime, and Women are frequently portrayed as bitter, loud, single mothers. The less dominant but just as negative stereotypical roles of African Americans are good athletes, jobless men, large figured women, low income, excellent dancers. These stereotypes which people may find funny or entertaining are the complete opposite, they are in reality untrue and hurting to many viewers.

In the making of these stereotypical shows there must not be a question in anyone’s mind on how African Americans feel about how they are being portrayed on television. Many African American viewers feel as though stereotyping...
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