Outline and Evaluate the View That Modern Family Life Is Characterised by Diversity

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Sociology Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: October 4, 2010
When we say that something is divers it means that it has different forms and different variables. This is the same thing with families in the contemporary UK. However regarding the family it’s a difficult to get everyone to accept the different types of diversities. Some people accept and are happy with the diversity whilst there are some people who think there is only one type of family and that all other types of families are unacceptable. There are different thing which makes up divers family; family structure, family size, sexuality etc.

Alongside families, household also have become diverse. In 2001 a study showed that 139,000 children lived in other household types such as adults who were not their parents also 52,000 children lived in communal homes.

During the 1980’s the Rapoports (1982) acknowledged five different types of diversity these were; organisation diversity, cultural diversity, class based differences, stage in life cycle diversity and cohort diversity. Later on regional diversity was also adde3d to the list by Eversley and Bonnerjea (1982).

An organisational family refers to the structure of the family. How each member of the family contributes towards the household and how roles are divided in the home. Every household is structured differently.

Cultural diversity refers to ethnic and religious diversities in the UK. Religion and family have a link between them. Religion influences the way children are socialised in families.

A 2001 consensus shows that Asian and Chinese origin families are most likely to have dependent children living with them and are least likely to lone parents. Also mixed, black Caribbean and white families with dependent children have the largest percentage of cohabiting parents.

Dale et al (2004) found that black women stayed in full time employment after having children where as white and Asian only worked part time after having children. Singh and bole discovered that Pakistani and...
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