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The Industrial Revolution introduced technological advancements in manufacturing output, agricultural output, and social growth. These advancements came at a price of public health and safety, paid by the lower and middle class. Progressive economic growth was not achieved until after these issues were resolved.

Argument Statement 1

Children as young as 6 years old were forced to work up to 19 hours a day in harsh conditions. The safety of children was often neglected, resulting in injury and death. The treatment of children was often cruel and unusual. Many faced beatings and various forms of punishment to ensure good productivity.

Through closer examination, the text proves that entire families were forced to work long hours, with little or no pay to ensure survival. In 1833 a factory act was passed allowing a maximum number of hours for certain age groups, allowing for more satisfied and productive employees.

Argument Statement 2

By the 1820s, Britain saw their population double in the industrial hubs. The increase in population and decreased standards of living meant civilians were confronted with disease.

As raw sewage and chemical bi-products from factories made its way into drinking water, Cholera began to infest the population killing thousands.

Argument Statement 3

Because of the high demands for labor during the revolution, all family members were required to work in order to produce the basic necessities of life. Women were no longer able to stay at home and care for their children, men could not compete with the automated productivity of machines in factories to produce and sell final goods, and children had no time to learn and develop properly. Because of this, the industrial revolution had socially impacted many families.

For the first time, families were forced to leave their homes for work causing traditional family lifestyles to become impractical.
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