Topics: Internet, Pornography, Website Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Outline Introduction:
Nowadays, most people in the world use the internet. People can get all kinds of information from around the world through the Internet and life in the world easy to communicate with others. The Internet seems to be at first glance dream tool. However, the Internet is not always a bright side. It can be harmful, when people use it and little care. Thesis: Government should regulate the internet, there are few reasons here that government should regulate the internet more strictly. Body:

Main idea #1
Topic Sentence: The number of crimes on the Internet at breakneck speed is increase in the past few years. Disgruntled employees and hackers commit many cyber-crimes, and others are committed by con artists using the Web to perpetuate auction fraud, identity theft and other scams. (Hansen, B, 2002) We sometimes encounter some fraud when we do some shopping on the Internet. In this case, we are doing procurement and they do not send to the buyer, although the money has been sent to the seller. This is very difficult to track down criminals because we have almost no criminals, who they are, what they do, even where they live we also don’t know. If we use the Internet for online shopping, our credit card number is stolen; then, the money in our bank account may be used up. Using the Internet to make our personal information is not safe, especially those important documents In fact, when we surf the Web, read e-mail, and download software, a hidden program is called a Trojan chat, can send to our computer without our knowing. It will steal and transfer all the information that we already saved. After that, this person may make use of it to others. (Hansen, B.2002) Main idea # 2

Topic Sentence: Copyright infringement through unauthorized digital downloading, and file sharing is another reason why the government should control the internet. In reality, we can find out a...
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