Topics: Rhetoric, Ethics, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Outline: Chapter 15
The importance of persuasion
I. Persuasion is the process of creating, reinforcing, or changing people’s beliefs or actions. II. Persuasion has been studied for more than 2000 years
III. When you speak to persuade you act as an advocate
IV. By age 20, the average American has been exposed to 1 million television commercials-an average of 150 a day. Ethics and Persuasion
I. Make sure your goals are ethically sound and that you can defend them II. Be honest, there is no place in ethical speechmaking for deliberately false or deceptive statements. III. Know the power of language, and use it responsibly

IV. Aim at the highest standards, and construct your speech to be ethically sound and convincing. The Psychology of Persuasion
I. Persuasion is a psychological process
II. It occurs where two or more points of view exists
The Challenge of Persuasive Speaking
I. Persuasion is the most complex way of speech
II. Have a realistic sense of what you can accomplish
How the listeners process Persuasive Messages
I. While listening they assess the speakers credibility, delivery, supporting materials, language, reasoning, and emotional appeals II. The psychological interaction between a speaker and audience during a speech is similar to what happens vocally during a conversation III. Mental dialogue is a give and take between speaker and listener The Target Audience

I. The portion of the whole audience that the speaker most wants to persuade would be your “Target Audience” II. Advertising gives you an effective model
III. Make your speech equally appealing to everyone
What are questions of fact?
I. A question of fact is a question about the truth or falsity of an assertion II. Many questions of fact cannot be answered absolutely
Persuasive Speeches on Questions of Value
I. A question about the worth, rightness, morality, and so forth of an idea or action II. Judgments...
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