Outdoor Vending Machine: Appropriate Design Standards for Siting, Signage, and Appearance

Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: November 6, 2008
These guidelines are intended to maintain the aesthetic and historic nature of commercial districts or neighborhoods by requiring appropriate design standards for the siting, signage and appearance of outdoor vending machines. These guidelines will require that all outdoor vending machines to be installed to minimize visual impacts. Outdoor vending machines shall be, carefully placed, screened or their appearance minimized to maintain the aesthetic quality of the surrounding area and comply with applicable provisions of the Sign Ordinance. Toward this end, the City’s Design Review Boards will consider location, materials, colors, details, signage, lighting and landscaping when reviewing a proposed outdoor vending machine installation. The following design guidelines shall apply: GENERAL

A. All outdoor vending machine installations shall require review and approval of a Sign Committee application addressing the location, signage, lighting and screening prior to installation. The issuance of a building permit is also required to field verify compliance with the installation guidelines.

B. For the purposes of these guidelines, the term “outdoor vending machine” is any self contained or connected appliance, machine, and/or storage container located outside or in a non-enclosed space that dispenses or provides storage of a product or service. Newspaper racks, phones, and fixed automatic teller machines are not considered or regulated as vending machines as part of these guidelines.

1. The preferred location for vending machines is inside buildings. Outdoor vending machine shall be screened or recessed into the building in new construction and be located to minimize their visibility from the street.

2. If multiple vending machines are proposed for an outdoor location, they shall be located within a clearly delineated and contained area. Decorative structures, including, but not limited to, screen walls,...
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