Outcomes of Foster Care

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Outcomes of Foster Care
Angela Nagle
COM 150
May 16, 2010
Michelle Vanderhoof

Growing up many children think that it is normal how they are living, whether it is good or bad. On the bad side it could be from getting abused to not always having enough food to eat; or sleeping on the floors to sleeping in the family car. When social services finds out about something like this, they do their best to better the situation. One situation they try is placing children in protective custody, also known as foster care, while the parents get back on track, sometimes the children do not get to return home. After being in foster care there can be many different outcomes. Not all outcomes are the same after being in foster care, because some outcomes can be good and some outcomes can be bad. When a child is abused or neglected he or she should be placed foster care. Each year more than two million children get investigated for abuse or neglect. About half are found to be true (Doyle). If a child is in this situation and does not get help, the child may start committing crimes or worse, follow his or her parent’s footsteps. The child will also continue being abused or neglected. Children are our future and they should not be abused or neglected. In September of 2006, estimated 510,000 children were in foster care. Also in 2006 there was an estimate of 303,000 children entered foster care and 289,000 children exited foster care. For those that did exit foster care: 57 percent returned home, 17 percent were adopted, 16 percent went to live with a relative, 9 percent were emancipated and 4 percent had other outcomes (Child). In September of 2008, estimated 463,000 children were in foster care. Also in 2008 there was an estimate of 273,000 children entered foster care and 285,000 children exited foster care (Families). Not only is foster care beneficial, but it can also help a child grow into a better person. After being placed in a foster home a child may have two main feelings about being in a house that the child/children does not know anyone but maybe siblings, scared but safe. The first foster family I was placed with we were only supposed to be there for a week. That week turned into weeks, then to a month. After leaving this home I went to live with my best friend and her family, my brothers were placed with some family friends. An average foster child is moved to another home at least once; a quarter of these children will be moved three to four times. After a child is in the foster care home, he or she becomes family. The average a child stays in a foster home is two years (Doyle). Children are able to see how a normal house is to run and how family spreads love. When in foster care, children are shown love and togetherness with the family they are placed with. The family encourages the children that they can do whatever they put their minds to. In order for a child to grow, they should be shown love and togetherness. If a child is not shown these, they would grow up thinking that no one is there to care for them or they don’t show love and togetherness to the ones close to them. Growing up my mother always told me this, but seemed to not follow through, when I tried to do cheerleading one year, she did everything she could to make me miss practices to get me off the squad. My foster family pushed me into doing what I wished to do. I went from a child that barely did anything to a child that was going to the mall, getting involved with 4-H then FFA, being involved in my schools Native American Club to traveling California giving speeches.

My youngest brother was in a foster home with our other brother, but he started acting up and need more one on one attention. He has now been in three different group homes. The group home that he is in now has been a better help than all the others. My brother has emotional, behavioral and developmental problems. He is now in high school and has a 3.8 grade point average. Kids in...
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