Outcome 3 Understand Procedures For Res

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Unit 208 Understand health and safety in social care setting.

Outcome 3 Understand procedures for responding to accidents and sudden illness.

3.1 Describe different types of accidents and sudden illness that may occur in a social care setting.
STROKE – This can happen suddenly you could be offering a cup of tea you go and get it come back and it has happened.
HEART ATTACK- This could happen as you are talking to the service user.
DIABETIC - The service user could be sat at the dinner table and go into a hypo.
FALLS – The service user could be going to sit in a chair and not be correctly positioned when they go to sit and fall on to the floor.
LOSS OF BALANCE – Sometimes a service user may suffer with blood pressure so when they go to stand up and walk they loose their balance.
ASTHMA ATTACK- Sometimes the service user may do more walking or esert themselves more then usual or even get anxious resulting in them having an asthma attack.

These are the types of accidents or illnesses that can happen in a care home or social care setting.

3.2 Outline the procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur. Depending on the type of injury serious or non serious.
1. Check the service user is ok and that they are safe.
2. Clear area of any objects
3. Call for assistance
4. Stay calm at all times as this will help reassure the service user.
5. Administer first aid if needed (basic first aid).
6. If service user is fine assist to comfortable seat.
7. If service user is not fine or is in alot of pain call 999.
8. Fill out all forms relevant to the situation.
9. Tell all personal so they know to keep an eye on the service user if the service user has not gone to hospital.
10. Inform relatives so they are aware of the incident.

3.3 Explain why it is important for emergency first aid tasks only to be carried out by qualified first aiders.
Someone not adequately trained in proper first aid procedures can cause more damage even if they have the best

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