Topics: Black people, The Scarlet Letter, White people Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Outcasts in Society

Outcasts are often alienated due to the fact that they do not follow the social norm. They are often judged without the consideration of their circumstances. We as a society view outcasts as damaged goods and don’t give them a chance. We as a society should give everyone the courtesy of an open mind.

Outcast are often those who don’t conduct themselves in the manner society thinks they should. As shown: Hester committed adultery, a crime that is a serious sin to her community. (The Scarlett Letter) Outcasts sometimes have done nothing wrong. They are segregated because of the stereotypes that hang over their heads like a storm cloud. As we saw the black man was often avoided and even feared just because society back then view African Americans as dangerous. (Black Men in Public Spaces) In some cases people are made outcasts because of personality. A lamb is born innocent while a tiger is considered dangerous from birth.(the tiger and the lamb)

Outcasts in our society are treated differently from others. they are often the subject of your ridicule. They also are commonly left out. No one in your science class talks to that weirdo who talks to himself because he has been deemed unfit and you do not want to be in the same boat for talking to him. Hester was forced to ware a red A on her chest as a reminder not only to her community but to herself that she will never become an accepted member of her society.(the scarlet letter) .In some cases out casts are avoided like when the white people would do every thing they could to avoid the black man.(black men in public spaces).Some out casts have no control over what makes them an out side. A person does not get to choose the color of his skin, yet some people judge u based off of that fact alone.

Our society needs to become more tolerant of every one because we all aren’t given the same opportunities in life . me must judge people with their circumstances in mind not just what...
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