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By trishcosta27 Aug 07, 2015 432 Words
Angelica Beatrice Y. Chong Prof. Mylene Andaya BS Biology
Outbreak (1995)
Outbreak is movie about a certain virus called Motaba that is highly contagious. Motaba is derived from the place where it originally came from, in Motaba River Valley, Zaire. From being a deadly virus that is not air-born it somewhat mutated into a more deadly virus that killed many people. Later on some military officer like Daniel, his wife and many more joined forces to trace where this virus came from. And when they just reached a conclusion, they were too late; the animal was no longer there. Many people got infected by the virus, Casey and Daniel’s wife unfortunately got infected too. In Daniels desperation he intentionally disobeyed any orders from his superiors just to save his wife. Fortunately the little girl’s mother called Daniel and they caught this white headed monkey. They then rushed to the hospital to cure the sick people with the antidote in their hands. Just as they have the cure. General McClintock deliberately wanted to bomb the whole Cedar Creek town, but due to Daniel and his subordinate’s bravery they convinced the pilot not to bomb the town – I would say they convinced them because the bomb landed onto the sea. General Billy got his conscience back that is why he directly ordered General McClintock be arrested. In the end the people got their antidote and it was a happy ending, I think even though many people died just because of this biological weapon.

This movie just shows the capability of the military and certain individuals to fight against odds. They pushed their limits just to cover up their mess and others to save their love ones. It is also said in this movie that the biggest threat to man’s dominance on the planet is the virus. Just by watching this movie I learned that things could go wrong and there is what you call a chance to make the situation right. Maybe it would just take like 28 years like in the movie but you see even though it’s that long, there is always a time when you choose to do the right thing, just like General Billy Ford, The bond between husband and wife. And especially NOT to take care of animals that you don’t know where it came from it is dangerous. It might be a host of a certain virus that later mutated into something air-born. We need to be cautious in this kind of decision making to avoid disasters; just like the saying : prevention is better than cure.

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