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Running Heading: Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse

Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse
Sheila Robinson
Strategic Human Resource Management
Sue Lowe
May 12, 2011

Recruiting, Selection, and Retention: Outback Steakhouse
Employee selection is a very important process in making an organization successful. Choosing the right employee can enhance other human resource functions within an organization. Because Outback Steakhouse has been very successful in hiring the right people it is now a $3.25 billion company with 1,100 restaurants worldwide that employee over 65,000 employees. In this paper I will discuss how the employee selection methods at Outback Steakhouse help the organization achieve a competitive advantage. I will also discuss the importance of fit to Outback Steakhouse. Then, I will evaluate Outback’s selection process including the order of selection methods such that applicants first complete an application then complete test, and then participate in interviews. Last, I will evaluate whether or not these selection methods are valid (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The employee selection process method at Outback Steakhouse helps the organization to achieve a competitive advantage because the process sends a realistic message to the individuals that are applying for the job. Applicants are given a complete picture of what to expect while being employed at Outback through a realistic job preview and a document called a Dimension of Performance. Outback’s realistic job preview provides applicants with details of the benefits and responsibilities of working in its organization. It also informs the applicant that once they are employed by Outback they are expected to take excellent care of others and how they will be held accountable for these actions (Stewart & Brown, 2010). The Dimension of Performance document provides the applicant with examples of the behavior...
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