Out of the Dust

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: March 4, 2013
In the novel, Out of the dust, Billie Joe experiences conflict with herself, her environment, and others. Additionally, she has great conflicts with her dad. They secretly blame each other wanting the other to know they accidently killed the mom. Billie Joe also has to deal with the dust. The dust kills families and destroys homes. Futhermore, she also has a conflict with herself. She knows she accidently killed her mom, but despite tragedies and conflicts Billie Joe knows that her family loves her and they forgive her by coming together to help each other live in peace.

Billie Joe works against herself by blaming and limiting herself. For example, she stops trying to heal her hands. She has an amazing talent of playing the piano, but since she suffered burns on her hands, she limits herself by not practicing. Without her mother’s support, Billie Joe can barely go on in life without thinking of her mother’s death. Billie Joe still has her dad but both stay stuck in the horrible past. She and her dad both move on knowing they love each other and that they can help one another get through the horrible times.

Billie Joe encounters nature in a horrible way. He dust causes huge problems for the people living in Oklahoma and all the dust bowl states. The dust comes in as thick clouds, burying houses and sickening families. Billie Joe cannot wait to leave her town along with other families wanting to escape from the dust and drought. She makes a decision to leave Oklahoma on a train. After Billie Joe arrives in California she realizes that the dust defines her and she can’t leave her dad at home to live by himself.

In the novel, Out of the Dust, Billie Joe finds herself battling for a relationship with her father. Billie Joe and her father both know they have a part in the mother’s death. They both secretly blame each other wanting the other to have the guilt instead. In the end, Billie Joe and her father come together knowing the both...
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