Out of State Tuition Costs

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Out of State Tuition Costs

A large problem for many college students is the cost of tuition and yearly tuition increases. Many students do not possess the luxury of having parents willing to pay for their tuition. Most aren’t even granted some sort of scholarship or grant to help them out with the cost. A good number are left to find a college they can afford and at the same time work full or part time to pay for it. But the big problem here is the out of state tuition costs. Why should someone who lives in the next state over have to pay almost double what students in that state are paying.

A student in our group claims that because she lives in Ohio, only twenty minutes away from school, she must pay almost eleven thousand dollars per year to attend Northern Kentucky University. Students, such as our other group members, may live further away from school and only pay about six thousand dollars a year because they are Kentucky residents.

Ohioans’ may not feel so negative toward this difference if Indiana wasn’t receiving special treatment. Because there are not many universities in Indiana, Kentucky has made an agreement with them. Indiana students will pay the same tuition as Kentucky, because of their lack of universities.

Why allow one state special privilege’s and not the others? By allowing anyone to attend at the same cost, more students will be able to attend the college of their choice without the added fees. Some students are forced into colleges they do not necessarily like or want to attend, because of out of state cost or penalties. By changing this policy students will be able to attend any college without feeling any pressure from being out of state. Lets face it paying for college is hard enough why make it worse on kids who are struggling as it is.

A simple solution to this well-developed problem would be to have a flat rate for all universities. Instead of having in-state and out-of-state tuitions, there should be...
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