Out of Shadows Essay - Themes

Topics: Racism, Race, Evidence Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Change and racism evidently aids the characterisation and the development of the text because these significant themes help the portrayal of the characters as they are relatable in society. The text being explored is "out of the Shadows" by Jason Wallace. Change reoccurs throughout the text which helps to develop Robert's character. Similarly, the major connotation of racism also engages readers to relate to the changes of Robert's and Ivan's character.

Change is evident in the development of Robert's character as he experiences his journey with Ivan and his friends. At the beginning of the text, Out of the Shadows by Jason Wallace, Robert has an awkward confrontation with his ex-friend Nelson when he was with Ivan. Knowing how Ivan would react, Robert harshly told Nelson to leave him alone and not to mind his business. This is demonstrated in the quote, "I don't know why I felt surprised, wasn't that what I'd been after?" The use of the soliloquy creates an impression that Robert is realising he is changing into to someone he isn't. He is questioning why he was having doubts as that was what he had wanted to achieve in the first place. This obscurity in how Robert feels about becoming a new self helps the idea that change is a recurring theme throughout the text. In another scenario, Robert is responding to his dad why he has not been playing or hanging around with Nelson anymore. In this quote, "He's not really a friend anymore." Robert replied with a tone that seemed he was trying to tell himself how he 'felt' instead of his father. The doubt he is experiencing emphasises he is trying to turn over a new leaf in order to fit in, and hence Robert deals with change throughout the text.

Another significant theme recurring through the text is racism. This is shown in the quote, "He's using his colour to his advantage". The metaphor used suggests that the author is putting out the fact that racism was still a major issue in those times and needed to be...
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