Out of School Youth

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Panpacific University North Philippines
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Name: Carbillon, April Ann T. Technical Writing and Scientific Reporting Course/Year/Section: BSE II – English Time Schedule: TTH – 2:00 – 3:30 Title: Out of School Youth in the Philippines


This study shows the reasons and effects why there are out of school youth. It also indicates the children’s rights are deprive form the privileges to have a free education of the government.
The researcher included also the statistical analysis of the population of the young people who are out of school in the Philippines.
It also indicates the conducting of surveys of some out of school youths and their reactions and comments why they are engaged of it.
Furthermore, there are some solutions, effective strategies and programs to give them new hope and to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the young people who were out of school to help them earn a living in their own little way.


Out of school youth means having a vulnerable people who have needs. Nobody can deny the hard fact that education is an extremely important factor for bringing change in the lives of individuals. It has universally been recognized as the most powerful instrument and pre-requisite for gearing up the socio-economic development of a nation.

This is why investment in education is considered to be so vital for human resource development and the enhancement of the quality of manpower.
The history of humankind, in general, and that of developed nations of the worked, in particular, is replete with the precedents, which establish the fact that a certain level of literacy in population is an essential pre-requisite for precipitating the process of development in a country.

Out-of-school youth are a vulnerable population with complex needs. Many face dim employment prospects and uncertain futures. Out-of-school youth are broadly defined as youth aged 16 to 24 who are not in school and who are unemployed, underemployed, or lacking basic skills. While there is no single system that provides services to out-of-school youth, many systems can play a role in better addressing their needs, including the public education, workforce, human services, juvenile justice, and community. REASONS WHY THERE IS OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

1. INCAPABLE GOVERNMENT, the sovereign Filipino people of the Philippines Government does not have the ability to give a good and standard education. Where funds for new projects that would provide the learners a good habitat for learning is being deprive from them because of the rampant corruption of its officers.

We all know that the Government are trying their best to give the needs of the students like books, classrooms and a teacher that would facilitate the learners, but this is not good enough for the people need a Government that is not deaf enough to hear the cries of children being squeeze into tiny classrooms and having a booming population of more than 70 plus students.

We need a Government who is not blind to see teachers leaving the country looking for greener pastures and teachers who are teaching in different levels at the same time but with fewer books. This is the sacrifices and long suffering of Filipino people. The Government have already demolished already our right for a better education therefore the Government of the Philippines needs a quick change of its wrong system of governing its nation.

2. POVERTY, even the education is free, many Filipinos cannot afford still to go to school because of the lack of essential needs like bag, notebooks, paper, writing materials etch. We cannot really deny the fact that the Philippines is a third world country where poverty is rampant and the hardships of life is in one package deal already. To very poor people they cannot even afford to eat three times a day that's why it is more...
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