Out-of-Home Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Out-of-home advertising, Billboard Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Out-of-Home Advertising
Advertisers have many different ways to reach potential consumers. Besides using the traditional methods of television, print, and radio, many agencies also use a method known as out-of-home advertising. A few of the common outdoor advertising opportunities include using billboards, street furniture, and signs on transit. Lane, King, and Reichert write that the pros of using outdoor advertising include wide-spread exposure to many adults with a high frequency rate and some of the lowest costs in advertising. It also provides the freedom to use color and lighting to draw attention and enhance the marketing message (Kleppner's Advertising Procedure, 2011, p. 357). Billboards

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reports that “Bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized OOH media formats” (Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc, 2013). With a population that is becoming increasingly mobile, billboards have the ability to reach large numbers of potential consumers as they commute to work and their various destinations (Lane, King, & Reichert, 2011, p. 359). In previous years, billboards accounted for approximately 66% of all OOH advertising (Lane, King, & Reichert, 2011, p. 359). This continues to be true, OAAA reports that billboard usage within the United States in 2013 included 158,868 bulletins, 4,000 digital billboards, 165,606 posters, 33,336 junior posters, and 4,039 wall/spectaculars (OOH Media Formats, 2013). Street Furniture

Street furniture advertising is used to communicate the marketing message to pedestrian traffic. Lane, King, and Reichert write that street furniture is often used to target the teenage market in a mall setting. This young demographic can be difficult to reach, but posters, digital video screens, and interactive kiosks have proven to be effective advertising vehicles for targeting young consumers (Kleppner's Advertising Procedure, 2011, p. 375). In 2013,...

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