Our Town Analysis

Pages: 1 (475 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Why would Thornton Wilder include the boring, routine parts of the characters’ daily lives in the play? In my opinion, I think the reason is that these, “boring” essentials that are being placed in the play would definitely affect us if we didn’t have these routines. We wouldn’t be living the life we live today, our lives would not be the same, and our lives could be something we despise if we didn’t have these common components played in our life. For example, brushing your teeth in the morning, if we didn’t do that, our breaths would smell absolutely bad, and our dental hygiene would probably be at risk. Another common example would be briefly talking to a parent or guardian after school, discussing how your day was, etc. Usually teens seem to not care about their response, and just really want to head home, but without this minor element of our daily lives, we might eventually miss these times. Talking with your family and spending time with them while you’re still in high school is one of the major key factors you must follow. Family is always there, friends may not be, family is the people you still have after high school, after you move, and they’re always there for you. We should never give up on our family and make an attempt to forget them because they gave us shelter, food, care, love throughout our whole lives; we should unquestionably appreciate them to the most part, without them, we probably wouldn’t be anywhere near how we are now. Back to the topic, without these repetitive, unexciting key components of our daily lives, we may hate it in the present or later. We may not like the way it runs without these dreary, boring parts of our lives, it may run horribly, or just not as good as it should be. In what ways do you define community and its role in your life? I define community to be society that’s around us; it builds the structure of our lives, playing a big role as well. It builds the social atmosphere of our lives, affecting us in many ways,...
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