Our Reality Is Based on Our Memories

Topics: Experience, Empiricism, English-language films Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Our reality is based on our memories – about what we want to see. Depending on what we choose to remember shapes who we are and our reality. Some people may choose to remember all the good times in their life and perceive the world around them to be carefree and happy. Some may remember certain choices during their adolescence and regret those choices. Everyone’s reality is different which makes us unique, as we choose to remember and forget different things. Sometimes we may not get to remember something someone else remembers since we never experienced it, but other times we share the same moments in life. Our reality is based on remembering or forgetting our memories and experiences, but are we lying to ourselves so we can live in a reality we want? Our memories shape us and our reality. In the short story, ‘All summer in a day’ by Ray Bradbury, Margot was the only child that could remember the sun. All the other children have forgotten what it felt like since they were born on Venus and the sun only appeared when they were two. Margot however, was born on earth and she stayed there until four. This enabled her to remember what the sun looked and felt like. The sun is in her reality which caused her to be isolated, excluded and outcasted because the other children wouldn’t accept her reality. Our memories also affect our perception of the world around us. There are people who had bad memories of their school life because of some drama that might’ve happened. This could lead to a strong dislike towards school because their reality is now emphasised on how school is just drama that affects their social status. All the good memories could be filtered out and that would shape their own reality. Our memories shape our reality because we can choose to remember and forget things, but it is through our experiences that we gain these memories. The experiences we have in life create our memory and shapes our reality. Margot had experienced the sun when she was four,...
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