Our Mystical Aquarium

Topics: Color, Green, Aquarium Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Our Mystical Aquarium
Casey Biddle
English 101-2336
Mr. Reed
August 29, 2012

Our Mystical Aquarium
Our fish tank is an underwater jungle sitting in our living room. It is alive with vivid colors, swaying plants, and hyperactive fish. The rhythmic sound of the waterfall is enough to overtake ones senses and put one into a calmer state. However the low glow of the black light, the brightness of the plants, and the constant moving of fish also catches ones interest.

The aquarium is a basic rectangle. Measuring three feet long by two feet thick and sixteen inches tall. It holds approximately ten gallons of water. The bottom and four sides are made with glass. Although black metal strips are glued in every corner to create a waterproof seal, our fish tank has a three inch crack in the upper right corner. Fortunately this is above where the water level is supposed to be so it is mostly just an eye sore. The lid is solid black and curved outwards to allow room for the light fixture in the center.

Above the water, the soft glow of the black light shines down from the lid. Cutting through the water making it seem blurry and hazy, allowing for shadows to form. A white foamy substance forms a ring around the edges of the tank that would not be noticeable without help from the black light. Although under a white light this substance would be green giving away the tale, tale signs that it is algae. Below water level the black light allows the aquarium to take on a mystical form as it illuminates the brilliant colors of the plants and fish.

Although GloFish come in five colors, star fire red, electric green, sunburst orange, cosmic blue and galactic purple, our tank only contains two fish. When we first filled our tank we had all five colors but not all survived the moving process. Now we only have an electric green female named Bell and a sunburst orange male named George. Bell’s body is an oval shape with her tail tapering down to a slender...
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