Our Everyday Heroes

Topics: United States Marine Corps, United States, Sergeant Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: April 2, 2006
Our Everyday Heroes
Sometime in our future, when people from this generation are at their 60s', people will wonder if they had made a change in the world to be better. Some will ask what could've they done to make a mark in history. While others could only wish to be someone they are not. And only a few will not have that question of emptiness. People make their own contributions in their own ways. Two characters that demonstrate these are Jason M. Clark of Illinois and Amy G. Santiago of California. Both have different professions but share the same purpose.

Jason M. Clark is a history teacher in a small high school in Lombard, Illinois. He has been a teacher for five years and has gained respect among staff and faculty members and trust from his students. He had earned great reputation through his love and devotion to his work and to his students. On the weekends, Jason is not just an ordinary English teacher; his love and devotion extends to his country. Jason M. Clark is a sergeant and a squad leader in the United States Marine Corps Reserve Force. He trains in the field one weekend a month and one full month of the year. As in civilian job as a teacher, Sgt. Clark has responsibilities to keep the young Marines under his command well trained for anything. Above all, Sgt. Clark has the duty to defend and protect our great country in time of war or crisis anywhere around the globe.

Amy G. Santiago was born and raised in southern California. She is a single parent with two kids and is an eight-year veteran sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department. Raising the kids on her own, Amy takes care of her two teenage girls during the day; she puts food on the table, takes her kids to the soccer game, and does all the other things a typical American Mom would do for her children. When night comes, she prepares her blue uniform making sure she has all the gear to catch the bad guys for the night. Sgt. Santiago patrols the street of south-side...
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