Our Day Out

Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Briggs Islet Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: July 14, 2010
Analyse how Willy Russell builds a sense of drama and tension in the cliff top scene of ‘Our Day Out’

Our Day Out is about a young vulnerable child called Carol, who embarks on an emotional journey. Willie Russell uses a poor, young emotional child to get the audiences sympathy. Using such characters and emotive language he makes the cliff scene dramatic.

Carol is the small confused child and initially comes across as a naïve girl who seems ungrateful for her lifestyle. She always seems to be dreaming big, of owning houses near the beach, but it is slowly revealed that her dreams are resulting from isolation and poverty and deficiency in her education. A quote to proof this will be "miss I don't like it. It's horrible. I just like sitting here with you, looking at the lake". This quote clearly shows how sweet and innocent Carol seemed when the play started. This seems to be very strange, for a young girl to want to sit in one place and keep watching the lake. This shows that her interests are like older people and that she is mature for her age .

Mr Briggs starts off as an unfriendly individual, and comes across as an unpleasant man who doesn't enjoy having fun and does not want the kids to enjoy themselves "Linda Croxley! If you don't behave you will spend the remaining time of visiting Conway in the coach!", this quote shows Mr Biggs attitude towards the trip and the kids.

Mr Briggs is a arrogant person like the way he shouts at them in the very first scene, saying "Come on move" Mr. Briggs is also very strict at first we know this because he just gets on the coach and shouts "Reilly. Dickson, sit down" This creates tension because it makes the reader go against Mr. Briggs. Reilly then tries to cover up himself and Mr Briggs Shouts "Sit down, come on move!" We can see that he is not interested in what students have to say. Mr Briggs changes throughout the play like when he actually trusted them in the zoo. A quote, which shows this, is when he...
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