Our Changing Society

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Child abuse Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Throughout the years our society has gotten considerably worse. Many factors in the modern day has had a part in the negativity in the world. Our music has become everything about drug life, sex life and "thug life". Not only has music impacted our change, but the increase in violence has affected it. Violence can become an after effect due to what is on TV and cemented into our brains. People have lost all knowledge of common sense. The last factor that makes our society ugly is the rate in bullying. There are more teens committing suicide due to ill-treatment. It is sad to be a part of the society we live in today.

The actual meaning behind music has downgraded. Songs that are popular among-st us, not only the adolescence, have become more relative to sex, drugs and gang life. It makes people believe that sex doesn't need meaning behind it and that drugs are the only way to become "popular". We have turned our future into a bunch of low-lives, glued to things that seem like the "fun life". The generation of music has gone backwards, from meaningful to constant references of women and men as discriminatory words. Of course this isn't the only time when drugs and sex have been popular, but it has become the subject of music, and influencing our generation. With the type of music we have out here, people care more about being a part of the "in-crowd" than being themselves and who they are. Not to mention thanks to the pressure of drinking so much we've degraded our communications to the world about our feelings to as many acronyms to avoid actually speaking. It has also demented relationships. It's hard for a guy or gal these days to know for a fact that their relationship is stable because of how we act due to the brainwashing in music. Not only that, but it is considered "the life to live" because it's become a multi-million dollar industry, such as Young Money and YMCMB. People have started to believe that to make their musical talent go places, they have to...
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