Our Ancestors Arguments on Immigration

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, European Union Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Our Ancestors Arguments on Immigration
America was founded by immigrants. Still today many people from other countries want to come to America in order to escape from their horrid lives. Our nation is in a constant worry about immigration. More and more individuals are coming into this county whether they are legal or illegal aliens. I believe that our ancestors would argue that people should be able to flee their homes and come to a better county. I also believe that our ancestors would argue that the United States as a whole is composed of descendants of immigrants. Many of our ancestors came to America seeking a better life. They came to America to practice their own religion and not be persecuted for what they believed in. Many also came to America because it was better for them economically. Rich, poor, young, old, men, and women all came to this country in hopes of something better. To travel to our country involved dangerous circumstances. Many died on their pursuit to America, but it had to be worth it for so many individuals to take that daring risk. Our ancestors knew what it was like, they hoped for escape just as the immigrants now wish for. They would argue today that we should let immigrants in our county and let them better their lives as well as better themselves. Our ancestors got the chance, so why should the current immigrants not get that chance? They would argue that everyone needs an education, that everyone deserves religious tolerance, that everyone should have liberty, and that everyone should obtain justice. The United States is composed of descendants of past immigrants and yet we still call ourselves “Americans.” Is it plausible to wonder how life would be today if they had the same immigration laws in the past that we do in the present? Would there be any so called “Americans?” I agree that the United States has limited space, and yes I agree that it is wrong for people to be here illegally. However, maybe if...
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