Ottoman Empire

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Tanzimat, Ottoman Dynasty Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: March 15, 2005
Form the late 18th century into the early 20th century, the ottoman Empire continued to retained much of its basic political and economic structures. Although these things were generally recognizable to earlier periods in it's history, the empire was losing territory as frontiers shank. Despite their shrinking of territory, many forces within the empire became more and more complex. As well as fighting the familiar imperial wars, the leadership was having to deal with internal rebellion as well. At this time, the state was becoming more influential in the daily wars of it's citizens. Among these influences the role, and religion, both Muslims and not-Muslims and the legal status of women where changing. However the most significant of challenge to the empire at this time, was growing inter-tribal and ethnic violence. As a result this factors political and economic change was certain.

This lead to major reforms with the empire. This paper will focus on the three of this reforms. The first accruing in 1829, involved a radical change to the dress-code for the males with the society. For the first time in it's history, dress would not be used to dressing with class; second, the famous rose garden decree of 1839, which attempted to create equality and fear justice for all the citizens; and finally the 1856, hatt-I humayan decree which restart the reforms of 1839 and added the vital concepts of equality of education and employment. Sultan Mahmut 2 became more active figure in the ottoman empire, he made big changes in the government office, desk and chairs instead couches and cushions, also changed the dress-code, soldiers start wearing western style uniform pants, tunics and boots instead of robes and slippers. Overnight the sultan Mahmut 2 gave in abolished the old social markers based on wearing apparel. Instead, a new set of regulations demanded that all official wear the Fez that is, exactly the same headgear. With this act, so all they...
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