Otto Von Guericke: A Famous Scientist

Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Physics Paper

Otto Von Guericke, born November 20, 1601 in Madgeburg, Germany. He is one of the most famous scientists of all time. In 1650 he invented a “vacuum pump” it consisted of a piston and an air gun cylinder. Attached to the cylinder were two- way flaps that were designed to pull air out of whatever it would have been connected to. He used it to investigate the properties of the vacuum in a lot of his experiments. He also demonstrated the force of air pressure with extreme and dramatic experiments. One of his biggest accomplishments was that he proved that substances were not pulled by a vacuum, but were actually pushed by the pressure of the surrounding fluids or air.

The experiment he used to prove his theory was that he joined two copper hemispheres of 51 cm diameter and then pumped the air out of the enclosure. After that step he then harnessed a team of eight horses to each hemisphere and showed that they were not able to separate that hemispheres at all. But when the air was let back into both of the enclosed hemispheres it was easily pulled apart by the horses. He repeated this experiment in 1663 at the court of Friedrich Wilhelm I of Bradenburg in Burlin. But with this attempt he decided to push it a little farther. Instead of using eight horses he decided he’s going to up his chance whether to succeed or fail. So instead of using eight horses he decided to use twenty- four horses. The experiment was of course a success. Thus proving the ground breaking the information above in the previous paragraph. I also read that many other scientists tried to prove a similar or common law. But obviously none were as successful as Geuricke.

Another one of Guericke’s most famous studies is commonly used today thanks to his experiments. Guericke applied the barometer to weather predictions. What did this lead to you ask? Well its simple, this was the building blocks for meteorology. Although his later works were more focused on electricity and such,...
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