Ottawa Voyageurs

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Ottawa Voyageurs

The Ottawa Voyageurs are a professional soccer team in the Canada Pro Soccer (CPS). Since joining the league back in 1998, the team was having so much success in winning back-to-back titles but then it took a turn for the worse. After the championships, the Ottawa Voyageurs have been descending towards the bottom of the league. Head coach Manuel Tertuliano is in danger of losing his team after the league eliminates two teams from its league and the Ottawa Voyageurs are a team in consideration. Manuel is trying to figure out a way to spend his money wisely on certain players and bring his team back to glory and save the team from being extinct and no longer playing in the CPS. Given the team’s recent performance which have led to poor results in the standings .Being considered being eliminated from the league is because of the fact that they are falling below the average attendance and not producing enough wins. Much of the problem for the team was injuries, poor draft choices, and how to revitalize the players with compensation. As stated in the article “Become the meeting place for Canadian soccer fans and communities”. Based on my work and school experience, many ways to increase attendance is to upgrade the stadium, maybe by adding conference rooms for major companies to have a meeting and then enjoy the soccer game. Other ways would be to advertise and market the team. A great way would have the team hold a can food drive event, 5k run or even a soccer clinic. That way the city can see that the team is involved in the community and can have more fans at the games and increase the attendance. The solution to the problems on injuries would maybe be less playing time and more time in the training room. For the purpose of the poor draft choices would be better scouting and the poor attendance would be more sales and advertising. Also in figuring out a way to contribute the money effectively to the players which can still help them play with a...
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