Ottawa Charter on Smoking

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Question 2:
“Smoking rates among the general population have declined dramatically in the past decades”. (Cancer Council NSW) This can be largely attributed to effective health promotion. Explain how health promotion initiatives based on the Ottawa Charter have contributed to positive health outcomes in the area of tobacco use. (450 – 600 words) The Ottawa Charter is a global health promotion run by the World Health Organisation. It involves five action areas: developing personal skills, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, reorienting health services and building healthy public policies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2011-12, there were 2.8 million Australians aged 18 years and over who smoked daily (16.1%). Just over half (51.1%) of adults reported that they had never smoked, nearly one third (31.0%) were ex-smokers and the remaining 1.8% smoked, but less often than daily. Rates of daily smoking have decreased consistently over the past decade, from 18.9% in 2007-08 and 22.4% in 2001. Decreases in smoking rates have occurred across all age groups, and particularly amongst people aged less than 45 years.[] The goal for Australia is to reduce the amount of people who smoke to 8% or less, and these results so far have revealed success in this goal. Developing personal skills supports personal and social development by using information and resources that educate health benefits to enhance life skills. In gaining these skills individuals can make informed decisions to take control of their lives. Strategies employed by the National tobacco Campaign 2011 to address the issue of cancer/disease have so far been successful in getting their point across, such as the Quitline campaign, and one of its many supporting advertisements. [] This advertisement uses shock tactics and the easy to understand analogy of the sponge soaking up the cigarette smoke instead of air forces the smokers to really think about...
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