Ottawa Charter

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Ottawa Charter
PDHPE Assessment Task 1

Cardiovascular Disease
The Ottawa Charter aims to improve the health of all Australians through the use of its five action areas. For my health priority issue I have chosen Cardiovascular Disease which is the leading cause of deaths in Australia and can be largely prevented through modifying many lifestyle behaviours and decisions such as quitting smoking, controlling weight, increasing physical activity, reducing alcohol intake and having a healthy diet. These factors have been addressed through different health promotions in order to prevent CVD. Developing Personal Skills

To enable people to achieve the personal skills and receive necessary information through education and free readily available health information giving individuals the power to control their own health and make the right choices resulting in better health. * PE compulsory from years 7-10, educating students what better lifestyle choices and allowing form of physical activity * Doctors/nurses informing patients on correct everyday life choices * ‘Measure Up’ campaign, advertisement promoting guidelines to help individuals decrease risk of chronic disease by reducing their waist measurement * ‘Heart Moves’ program, running to promote decision making and positive health choices. Low to moderate intensity physical activity program open to everyone designed to be safe for people with long term health conditions such as heart disease. * Teacher educating students in PD and Food Technology classes about negative health behaviours * Free online learning programs in smoking termination, fitness and general health * Data statistics provided for the public on websites and other resources that inform community of risk factors and those most at risk * ‘Walk to school days’ promoting physical activity

* Health tick on foods, public health program which aims to improve the nutrition of the foods Australians eat most often and deliver...
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