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Topics: Elevator, Escalator, Otis Elevator Company Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Worked for more than three years time workers small yellow these days feel confused, plant outside in their work, more and more goods placed on the open space, not sparing even the sidewalk in the Otis Tianjin TEDA base. Reporter saw hundreds of large and small cargo cover various parts of the elevator, rail frame, machine beams, wire rope, the engine room hoistway components, usually use the elevator can see and can not see the parts have been packaged stackedAlthough the contract order number clearly written on the outside packaging, but the entire plant is uncommon for workers in the processing of these goods. Jiang Bo in charge of logistical work, pointed out, "This is certainly a single thing of the Beijing Subway consequences! Obviously, this factory is very large. Although the accident elevator model is not a the Tianjin Teda base production, but the headquarters in China, Tianjin as Otis, the impact is not small. Reporter also noted that more than 10 vehicles unloaded heavy-duty trucks are waiting for instructions shipped in the factory to the factory gates on the road, "but when you can go loaded I do not know you, Yesterday I came once, no shipment into 10:00 today less than to wait until now almost three hours, or not saying "shipment drivers say. The new president Li Chao Bao Reply to this reporter SMS "front to deal with the matter" Side is anxious to be shipped driver side was motionless goods, "card" in What is the reason? A source told this reporter broke the news, Otis factory in China is facing unprecedented challenges, product orders suspected to have been hit hard, the products the unsalable not be regarded as the most serious, and even the original order contracts, many customers also clamoring return. This also may be the reason factory backlog no timely delivery of goods. This reporter to Otis official consult, Otis Elevator (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Public Relations Manager of population density, said "there is no information in this...
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