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Cheyanne Easter
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1 October 2012


Everywhere you go you catch yourself either stereotyping or being stereotyped just by the simple she lives in a big house she must be rich or he’s Asian he must be good at math. Stereotyping is usually a negative habit on all human beings but it somehow weasels its way into social acceptance. Now, more than ever and somehow we end up accepting it with no concern. Allport (1954) theory was that thinking ill of others without warrant that people make their mind u' without any personal experience. This pre judgment is worldwide it happens everywhere including every race white, black, Hispanic to what gender female or male. We are all human we all do it. One group we tend to target the most, our middle aged black men, we pracive them to be a gang member or drug dealers by their own appearance. But would it be wrong to say that hip hop may have an effect on the way people look at African American men in our society.

While watching an episode of the Tyra Banks show rerun an episode about stereotypes happened to be on where Tyra did an experiment where she put a group of people from all backgrounds showed them a picture of different cultured individuals and asked what and how you felt about them just by their appearance. The first picture appeared of a middle aged tall black man wearing baggy jeans, boots and an oversized jacket. People assumed right off that bat that he must not be educated, he must be on welfare trying to support his kids and baby momma was some white female’s exact words. These comments were even coming from the same race “that he must be strapped with guns and running the street as a gang banger” one African American women stated. It was sickening for people to make all these assumptions just based on their theory of stereotypes by a certain individual. He was later brought out face to face with these people to find out that he’s a very successful...
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