“Other Side of Outsourcing” by: Thomas Friedman

Topics: United States, India, Globalization Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: August 28, 2013
“Other side of outsourcing” by: Thomas Friedman
The impact outsourcing had to United States was for some Americans bad. They claim the jobs they loose and the disadvantages that Americans were facing due to this radical change. While in the United States some people were disgusted, in the other side of the world, the young people were very thankful. This change made a revolution on their culture; the new Indian generations were entering to a whole new world, making a big change between Indian generations. This documental was made by Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist in 2004, he had written a lot of articles about globalism. He starts interviewing the employees of a call center located in India. The experience he had was from talking to the supervisors and asking them about the impact they think that outsourcing had in their country. The supervisors show him the whole process of selection of employees. There are many youth Indians that apply daily for these jobs, Anney, a supervisor, tells Friedman that the difference in the youths is that they want the job so much that they don’t fear to try and deal with angry American customers on the phone. They start with an interview directly with the managers of the call center. After the selection, the new employees are trained. This training consists on practicing accents, they are trained to imitate Americans accent. The trainer shows them the differences between American and English accent. Freidman is seen participating on this training. Then two young girls are interviewed by Friedman. Sophia and Cynthia are two young Indian women who work in a call center. They live the change that outsourcing has brought to their country. They say is a good change because they can be a little more like Americans, they are adapting new ways of living. They go shopping, they know brand names, they go out at night with friends and also they are living with another friend in an apartment. So basically they...
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