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Question 1
a.Who comprises the buying center?
Buying center The buying center can be comprised by the forest product firms,is influencer ,wood-working factory ,The combustion field, Energy use of the user,,buyer is who want to buy and pay for it,decider is David Ostlie.EPS is based on WTE™ technology and owns U.S.,Canadian,European. b.what aspects of the buying decision does each look at?

Before buyer make a decision,the buyer must look at the aspects :which forest product firms can supply the price of whole hardwood is cheapest;look at the which ingredients is better; when the buyer make decision should be care the quality,what is the customer need and Caused by environmental pollution to investment funds, as well as the on.

Question 2
Some of the key elements are in this case ,U.S, utilities must add new electrical generating capacity.For EPS, this provides an opportunity,either (1)by retrofitting to use in WTE™ some of the hundreds of coal and oil-fired plants throughout the United States that are operated infrequently because of their pollution problems (2)by building new plants to use the WTE™ technology. As Outlie talks to prospective utility customers about the WTE™ technology,six concerns emerge that are covered below. 1. Can enough heat be generated by burning wood to produce electricity? 2. Can whole trees be loaded,transported and dried?

3. Are there enough trees available at reasonable cost to support commercial-size power plants? 4. What are the environmental benefits of WTE™ for utilities? 5. What will it cost to build a retrofitted or new WTE™ power plant? 6. What will the cost be of electricity produced by a WTE™ plant?

Question 3
1. a.The key benefits are using whole hardwood trees saves a tremendous amount of time and energy;A new technology will be Promote the development of new industries; An incredibly environmentally-clean,efficient combustion process;improve farmers’s income;let more people get the job and so on.In international cooperation in new technology can also bring international cooperation, promote the development of the country. The potential’show stoppers’for WTE™ I think environment problem is impotent.For example,coal-fired produce large volumes of SO2,,NOx, ash,and global warming.Company in the treatment of environmental pollution problems will be put into a lot of money, if the environment pollution is serious, the local government and residents maybe will complain about the environment pollution.And next problem is whole trees could be enough?If the whole trees can not be enough, should be import from other country,it will be increase cost. 2.

Question 4
a.EPS should try to reach other energy company, government,go to some universities advertise,let more people know WTE™ technology can be reduce the environment pollution,let more people use WTETM .For the forest product firms,must provide good quality woods,EPS need to advertise the WTETM,what opinions and suggestions of products from buyers. b.EPS should be try to reach the environmental conservation and scientific research department,technology research output an so on.Can training more staff, and also provide the visit. c.Free to visit ,let more people know WTETM,TV propaganda,Technical colloquia,to make more people accept WTETM. 1



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