Othelo Comparison

Topics: Black people, Barack Obama, Racism Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: January 26, 2011
“Othello Modernized”

I will be writing a comparison between Othello, a fictional hero, and Obama president of the United States of America. Othello was a pride, kind, and determined man full of life and strength but he had one disadvantage, the color of his skin. Othello was an African American and even as a high ranking captain he was constantly a victim of racism and discrimination. This mostly due to the fact that he was married to a white women and living in a largely white community. With all of these factors opposing him he rises to success and uses all of his talents to over comes any situation. Although he does not always make the right and most rational decisions, especially at the end of the play, he overcome a great obstacle, one that many men have died and suffered for, to reach the top as an African American.

In modern day there is one man who has done just this. With the disadvantage of his skin color in a field dominated by white men for hundreds of years, he has used every aspect of his intelligence and character to break boundaries that have left many in tears. This great man who has made history in the 21st century goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has withstood every obstacle, has achieved the title of President of the United States, and has made history as the first black president. Like Othello, Obama has received many discriminating messages and even death threats, but this did not stop him. Even with a country full of white men stating that it is impossible for a black to win, some going as far as saying he will be assassinated due to the color of his skin. Obama pushed forward ignoring all theses threats and statements. This in a country who not long ago enslaved and tortured blacks is now willing to let one rule there country. This from a country who separated blacks in every day life with segregated bathrooms and schools have now chosen an African American to rule the most powerful country in the world and there...
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