Othello a Tragic Hero

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Othello a Tragic Hero

Othello is one of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare develops the characters into fully realized human beings, with their own names, personalities, and ways of looking at the world. Othello is the protagonist of the play. He is a combination of greatness and weakness, in his own words "an honourable murderer". He is a general in the Venetian defense forces. Although he is a foreigner from Africa, he has been promoted this position by excellence in the field of war. He has courage, intelligence, the skill of command, and the respect of his troops. But Othello’s characteristics lead him to demonstrate his hamartia. There are Othello’s three tragic flaws that cause his downfall.The first and most important one is his green-eyed monster, jealousy. Second is his insecurities. And the last one is his poor judgement. Othello trusts the wrong person and mistrusts those who are most loyal to him. Shakespeare uses Othello’s three characteristics to be the causes that lead Othello to make his life fall apart and end up as a tragic hero.

In the play Othello, many of the characters have jealousy which is causing them to commit acts outside of their normal personalities. Iago, Emilia, Bianca, Roderigo and Othello all display jealousy throughout the play, though each finds resolution in a different way. Othello's jealousy against Desdemona is the strongest emotion in the play. The jealousy he experiences turns him insane with anger, and he loses all ability to see reasons. The first instance that instills doubt in Othello's mind is Brabantio's warning that one day Desdemona will deceive him just like she does to her father. This doubt allows Iago to use Othello's jealousy, and plan to take advantage of Othello. Iago gradually leaks his poison into Othello and soon has the result he desires. Othello is overcome with jealousy. Othello continuously denies his jealousy, but it is apparent that he is losing his mind with...
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