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Othello Summary

By amberlm91 Sep 05, 2013 707 Words
Amber Murray

Shakespeare Film Questionnaire
The title refers the main character Othello, therefore the movie is self titled. The main characters in the movie are Othello, Iago, Desdemona, Cassio, Emilia, Roderigo, and Brabanzio. Othello is the well-respected protagonist of the film. Othello is also the protagonist/hero. He is the general of the army of Venice and is well respected by his fellow citizens. He is easy victimized because of his age, position in society and his race. Iago is Othello’s ensign an antagonist of the film. His motivation for Othello’s fall is because he was disregarded for promotion to lieutenant. He achieves this by manipulating others. Desdemona is the daughter of Brabanzio, the Venetian senator who feels betrayed by Othello and Desdemona, and Othello’s (secret) wife. Cassio is Othello’s devoted lieutenant who Iago also manipulates to anger Othello. Emilia is Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s companion. She distrusts her husband and devoted to Desdemona. Roderigo is an envious admirer of Desdemona. He believes that if he gives Iago what he has, he will woo Desdemona. Due to his desperation, he agrees to help Iago. This play depicts a tragedy full of jealousy and betrayal. At the beginning of the film, Roderigo learns that Desdemona has secretly married Othello. At the time Roderigo is paying Iago to help him pursue Desdemona. In the night they tell Brabanzio of his daughters marriage and he sends officers to find Othello. Soon after Othello is sent to aid in the near Turkish invasion. When he returns he is accused for stealing Barbanzio daughter with witchcraft but Desdemona reassures them that the love they share is mutual. Desdemona goes along with Othello on his trip. When everyone returns home they celebrate Cyprus well-being due to the fact that the Turkish ship was destroyed by a storm. In private, Roderigo complains to Iago that he has little hope for wooing Desdemona. Iago tells Roderigo that she will lose interest and seek an affair, but will most likely be with Cassio, a lieutenant Iago hates due to his jealousy. Iago suggests that Roderigo picks a fight with Cassio at the gathering as a way to cross out Cassio and destroy Othello. At the party, Iago gets Cassio drunk and Roderigo initiates a fight with him. This disruption causes Othello to quiet the chaos. Iago tells Othello the story and Cassio is demoted. When Cassio tells Iago of his concerns, Iago tells Cassio that he can be on good terms with Othello if he uses Desdemona as a maker of peace. Iago real intention is to frame Cassio and Desdemona of having an affair hence Othellos jealously. Iago distracts Othello while Cassio makes his way to Desdemona and she agrees to help him out. Iago suggests that Desdemona is being unfaithful as he spots Cassio leaving his wife. To further Othello’s jealousy, Iago ask his wife to retrieve a hankerchief, Desdemona gave to Othello, and plant it in Cassio’s room. Throughout the film Othello’s rage keep building up. Iago asks Othello to hide while he extracts the story of Cassio and Desdemona’s affair which is actually his affair with a prostitute named Bianca. Soon after, Othello accuses Desdemona of her affair and disregards everything she and Emilia have to say. Iago assures Desdemona that Othello is merely upset. Othello tells Desdemona to send Emilia away and wait up for him. Othello talks to Iago and Iago states that he will kill Cassio. Roderigo confronts Iago and tells him of his concerns of wooing Desdemona. Iago tells Redoerigo that he must kill Cassio. While in pursue of killing Cassio, Cassio injures Roderigo and Iago would Cassio. When Othello returns to his room he smothers Desdemona for her infidelity. Emilia walks into the room and Othello tell her of what he has committed. Everything starts to come together as Emilia realizes what Iago has done. Othello is mortified. Late, Iago kills Emilia and Othello soon wounds him. Othello, in the end, commits suicide and Iago is send away. The contemporary film include the modern clothing and nicknames to the characters, the setting is also change to a private institution with younger characters. Othello is a well admired basketball player instead of an army general.

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