Othello Essay

Topics: Othello, KILL, Iago / Pages: 3 (685 words) / Published: May 3rd, 2013
You have seen nothing then?
Nor ever heard, nor ever did suspect.
Yes, you have seen Cassio and she together.
But then I saw no harm, and then I heard
Each syllable that breath made up between them.
What, did they never whisper? Never, my lord. Nor send you out o’ the way?
Never. To fetch her fan, her gloves, her mask, nor nothing?
Never, my lord. That’s strange. I durst, my lord, to wager she is honest, Lay down my soul at stake; if you think other, Remove your thought; it doth abuse your bosom.
If any wretch have put this in your head,
Let heaven requite it with the serpents curse!
For, if she be not honest, chaste, and true,
There’s no man happy; the purest of their wives Is foul as slander.
Bid her come hither: go. She says enough; yet she’s a simple bawd That cannot say as much.
This is a subtle whore, A closet lock and key of villainous secrets
And yet she’ll kneel and pray; I have seen her do’t (Othello, IV, ii, ln 1-24).

The protagonist of the tragedy Othello is the moor, who the play is named after. Othello is the brave General of the Venetian army who listens to the deceitful Iago and becomes falsely jealous of his wife, Desdemona. In Othello’s soliloquy (IV, ii, 1-24), Othello prepares to commit the murder of his wife, Desdemona on false pretenses.
Othello is very emotional and still feels very strongly for Desdemona. This is first observed through the repetition in the soliloquy. In the beginning of his soliloquy, Othello says “It is the cause,” (IV, ii, ln 1-3) and then later repeats “put out the light,” (IV, ii, ln 7-10). This repetition shows that Othello is trying to force himself to kill Desdemona when he really doesn’t want to, and he repeats the words to justify his actions. In addition, the repetition emphasizes Othello’s regretful emotions about the action he is about to commit. Further on in the soliloquy Othello repeats “one more, “(IV, ii, ln 18-21). This is being repeated in reference to

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