Othello: Envy and Hatred

Topics: Othello, Love, Iago Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Mariela Nivar
February 24, 2012
World History

Othello: Envy and Hatred

Envy and hatred are concepts that can dominate one’s views, life, actions, and words. Envy and hatred have existed and are experienced all throughout history in every culture and nation. These two are practiced by many despite of their cultural background, religious beliefs, or social class status. These concepts are reflected and shown very powerfully and lively in the famous Shakespearean story of “Othello”. The mechanics of envy and hatred can be portrait and analyzed in some of its characters like Iago and Othello. The main plot of this novel is the desire of Iago to ruin the marriage of Othello and his beloved wife Desdemona. The actual motives of Iago for wanting to ruin the marriage are not totally assured. One reason that can be speculated for his feeling of hatred and envy towards Othello is the fact that he suspected that Emilia, his wife, committed adultery with Othello. This is expressed when Iago says “…I hate the moor, and it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets has done my office. I know if it be true; yet I, for mere suspicion in that kind, will do as if for surely”. (1.3.378-82). This thought of Iago’s that his wife and Othello might have had an affair can be related to the reason of why he uses the lie that, in turn, Desdemona is having a secret affair with Cassio. It can be thought that he was trying to make Othello be in the same position as he is while also experiencing this betrayal. The second reason why Iago might have felt such hatred and envy towards Othello is for the fact that he was jealous of Othello for finding and conquering the love of the young and beautiful Desdemona. It can be thought as if Iago had a secret passion for Othello’s young wife, while also being mad at the fact that a black man won her love. This can be perceived when Iago says “It cannot be that Desdemona should long continue her love to the moor…she must change for youth,...
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