Othello Critique

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Play Critique
I’ve seen a couple of live plays and thoroughly enjoyed them all including Wicked, The Lion King, Rent and Reckless, so I was disappointed I couldn’t see any new ones this term. Never seeing Othello before, I decided this would be a great movie to watch and imagine being performed live simultaneously. I watched the 1995 Oliver Parker version and thought he did a great job at keeping the scenery and attitude consistent with Shakespeare, but having the dialogue spoken in a way that is easily understood to the viewers.

If I were seeing this play live I would imagine there would be many different scene changes in order to keep the story authentic and really show the audience the thoroughness of Shakespeare’s plot moving from a wedding scene to Cyrus to peoples monologues and so on. We take advantage of the fact that in movies this is done so easily, so when it’s done live during a play, a lot of respect is due to the people behind the scenes helping to the change the settings. In the movie, however, it was very easy to understand the dramatic lines being said by the characters, especially Othello and Lago.

The Costumes, make-up and props were all very impressive and true to the story and time period. Since this was the 1995 version there weren’t any fancy special effects that stuck out, but what was more important to me was being able to see every emotion on the characters faces, which if I had seen the play live, I would have gotten the cheapest seats I could find and might be denied this.

The story was easy to follow since every character was such an individual and make their opinions very clear to the audience. It also carries some relevance in today’s time because even as far as America has come in terms of freedom of loving who you want, there are still people who don’t approve of interracial relationships. Although most of us don’t encounter the dramatic fighting and royalty in our lives, the message is still very...
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