Topics: Othello, Jealousy, Iago Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Jealousy; The Green-Eyed Monster


Having just finished Act 3 of Othello (by William Shakespeare) , a motif stood out to me. The motif jealousy, and it can corrupt anyone, even a noble Moor with principles like Othello. While reading I realized how complicated Iago is as a character and how he lacks an origin to his jealousy, yet is convincing himself to carry out his evil doings  his ability to orchestrate a complicated interweaving of pre-planned scenarios. Iago's deception is potent because of his patience, his cleverness, and what seems to be his intrinsic love of elegant manipulation. I am writing a piece in form of several diary entries, from the perspective of Iago and his “true” feelings towards Othello Cassio and Desdemona. Also ,to an extent, the entries will be written in Shakespeare’s vernacular. This allows me to show Iago as a reasonable person explaining his true feelings and justifies his emotions towards Othello, Cassio and Desdemona, rather than a being an extremely unmoral villain. Not all men are born evil, there has to be a reason for every action. Furthermore, In this writing piece Iago will be justifying his actions and how he feels about Othello. This allows me to identify whether or not he is jealous, and why he is jealous. Additionally, I was provided with the ability to analyze the relationship between Iago and his companions, whether it’s a love or hate relationship. Writing this task has made me think critically about language in Literature. Everything Shakespeare describes in his novels is described for a reason. Shakespeare’s complex themes, as well as relatable characters help people understand themselves better, helps them realize their intentions, their goals, and how to avoid corruption.

Words: 281

Tis the Journal of the Great, “Honest” Iago

March 26, 1655
There is an unexplainable rage built up inside of me, a fire that never fails to burn within the depths of my heart. A hate, a bitter hate...

Bibliography: Shakespeare, William, and Norman Sanders. Othello. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire: Cambridge UP, 1984. Print.
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