Othello's Last Speech

Topics: Othello, Cyprus, Iago Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: December 19, 2010
In Othello's last speech he is speaking to Lodovico, who will be bringing the news of what happened in Cyprus regarding Othello to Venice. Othello asks Lodovico to stay and hear what he has to say, he believes he deserves to speak because he has helped out the state of Venice in the past. He asks Lodovico not to speak of Othello as he really is. He tells him not to downplay things and make them seem less serious then they are and not to exaggerate.

Othello wants the people in Venice to know that he is someone who loved to much, but was not wise about it. He wanted them to know he was not of jealous nature, but once he was manipulated by Iago he became confused and worked himself into a frenzy. Othello was more vulnerable to manipulation since he trusted and loved so easily. He claims he is not a suspicious person, but was wrought, pounded and shaped by beating with a hammer. Othello says “Of one not easily jealous, but, being wrought,” (399). Iago worked and shaped Othello until he was just how he wanted, just as a blacksmith does with iron or silver articles.

Othello realises that all of the good things he has done don't matter anymore, because of the death of Desdemona. Even though he knows this he still wants to be remembered as a briliant soldier who risked his life many times for Venice. He specifically talks about when he was in Aleppo, a Turish city, and found a “malignant Turk” beating a Venetian. Othello kills the Turk in order to save the Venetian, even though that crime is punishable by death. Othello calls the Turk a “cirumcised dog” because Turks are muslims, and Muslim's are circumcised.

Othello was a fine man with a harsh fate. Had not been manipulated by others he would have lived an admirable life. He regrets many things in his life, though I don't believe marrying Desdemona is one of those things. His decisions were greatly effected by his emotions. He was blinded by Iago since he did not listen to his heart, and let his emotions get in...
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