Osmotic Pressure

Topics: Osmosis, Concentration, Osmotic pressure Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: October 2, 2005
Osmosis is a specialised form of diffusion. Water moves from an area of LOW concentration of Solute to an area of HIGH concentration of solute through a semi-or fully permeable membrane by the process.

Water moves constantly through the cell's membrane its estimated that about 250 times the volume of a single cell moves through 1 per second

This continues until the solute concentration reaches equilibrium

It is convenient to express the available energy per unit volume in terms of "osmotic pressure". It is customary to express this tendency toward solvent transport in pressure units relative to the pure solvent. If pure water were on both sides of the membrane, the osmotic pressure difference would be zero. But if normal human blood were on the right side of the membrane, the osmotic pressure would be about seven atmospheres! This illustrates how potent the influence of osmotic pressure is for membrane transport in living organisms. The decision about which side of the membrane to call "high" osmotic pressure is a troublesome one. The choice made here is the opposite of that made in many biology texts, which attribute "high" osmotic pressure to the solution and zero osmotic pressure to pure water. The rationale for the choice is that the energy which drives the fluid transfer is the thermal energy of the water molecules, and that energy density is higher in the pure solvent since there are more water molecules. The thermal energy of the solute molecules does not contribute to transport, presuming that the membrane is impermeable to them. The choice is also influenced by the observed direction of fluid movement, since under this choice the fluid transport is from high "pressure" to low, congruent with normal fluid flow through pipes from high pressure to low. The final rationale has to do with the measurement of osmotic pressure by determining how much hydrostatic pressure on the solution is required to prevent the transport of water from a pure source...
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