Osmosis through Dialysis tubing

Topics: Osmosis, Solubility, Chemistry Pages: 3 (292 words) Published: November 30, 2014
You Expect Me To Move Through Osmosis?
Ashton Brumfield

My project is on Osmosis through dialysis tubing. I will be using colored water and specified dialysis tubing to demonstrate how water moved through an atom. Osmosis is the diffusion of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane. A solute is the substance dissolved in a solution. A solvent is to have the power of dissolving, resuling in a solution, which is the final product of the dissolved. In 1877, Willhelm Pfeffer studied how water was escaping through leaky membrane such as the bladder of an animal. It was in 1854 when British chemist, Thomas Graham introduced the term osmose. Osmotic pressure is the pressure put in a specific amount of solvent. This is used to stop the dilution of the solution, which happens when a solution is separated from a solvent in a membrane that is permeable. Henry's Law states that a solute is proportional to its concentration in the solution. In 1886, Henricus van't Hoff showed that osmotic pressure varies with concentration and temperature almost as it would if the solute were a gas occupying the same volume, when the solute is so dilute that it's partial vapor pressure solution obeys Henry's Law.

Diffusion is the movement of material from higher concentration to lower concentration through a membrane. Thomas Graham first discovered the idea of selective diffusion. Selective diffusion varies on the membrane. Some solute will move across the membrane, some won't. Dialysis is often referred to as selective diffusion. The Greek meaning of dialysis is "loosening from something else." The final process is completed when water moves through the dialysis tubing, demonstrating osmosis.

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