Osmosis lab report

Topics: Water, Concentration, Mass Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Aiko Okada
How the potato slices are affected in different levels of concentrated water

Introduction: In class, we are learning about the process of osmosis, and how osmosis works with the potato slices. As we learned that the potato slices with salt is bendable, we did an experiment with a different concentration of water.

Aim- Aim is to observe how the potato slices changes in several levels of concentrated solutions, from distilled water to 5% salty water. Therefore, the aim is to figure out the flexibility of the potato slices before and after, as well as the percentage change comparing with different level of concentrated solutions.

Hypothesis- If the potato slices are placed in the 4% salt solution, the mass after placed in the salty water will decrease more than any other salt solution. This is because the water molecules moves from lower concentrated solution (from potato) to higher concentrated solution (to the salt water) during osmosis. So the more percentage of the salt-water increases, the more water molecules move outside the potato passing through the semi-permeable membrane.

Controlled variables: Room temperature, amount of water in each several of levels of concentrated solution, types of salt, types of each potato slices used, same sized beakers

Independent variables: Level of concentration of the salt water Dependent variables: the flexibility of potato slices, mass of potato slices, amount of water after the experiment

1. 5 beakers (same size for all of them)
2. 40ml of water
3. 5 potato pieces
4. Salt
5. Digital weighing scale
6. Knife
7. Papers, pencil, and tapes
8. Cutting board
1. Gather the apparatus listed above
2. Cut the potato into five pieces with knife on a cutting board (the mass does not have to be the same for all) 3. Weigh each single pieces with digital weighing scale and record it on the paper 4. On 4 different piece of paper, write 0%,1%,2%...and up until 4%. Stick...
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