Osmosis: Concentration

Topics: Concentration, Chemistry, Towel Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: March 2, 2010
The purpose of this experiment was to make observations and conclusions about the ability of cells to adjust to varying chemical concentrations in the environment and to observe the effect of isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic solutions on cells. Hypothesis

If a solution is Hypotonic, then water will move from the beaker into the potato because water outside the cell will be in higher concentration than water inside the cell. If a solution is Hypertonic, then the solution will move into the cell from the beaker and water will move out of the cell into the water because of a difference in concentration. If a solution is isotonic, then the cells will remain the same because the solution concentration is the same as in the cell. Materials

Fresh potato, knife or scalpel, three test tubes, test tube rack, dropper pipette, paper towels, electronic balance, timer, three provided solutions labeled A, B, and C. Procedure
Obtain three test tubes and a test tube rack.
Label the test tubes A, B, C using a wax pencil.
Cut three French fry type strips of potato 7cm in length, no thicker than 5mm. Pat each potato with a paper towel.
Measure the initial mass of each strip and record it before putting each in a test tube. Use a dropper pipette to cover the potato strip in test tube A with solution A, the potato strip in test tube B with solution B, and the potato strip in tube C with solution C. Place the tubes in a test tube rack and wait one hour. Remove the strips from the test tubes after one hour and pat dry with a paper towel. Measure the final mass of each strip and record it.

10.Examine each potato strip and observe any changes in texture. Results
In Solution A, the potato slice in the water did not change, indicating the solution contained an equal amount of concentration. In Solution B, the potato slice in the water is...
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