Osmosis and Diffusion on Different Concentrations of Sodium Chloride on a de-Shelled Chicken

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1. Provide the aim and background information

2.1. Diffusion is the spontaneous kinetic movement by which molecules move from an area of a high concentration to an area of low concentration. Diffusion continues until it reaches equilibrium. Osmosis is similar to Diffusion but it’s the process in which water moves across a semi-permeable membrane and goes to the higher concentration of solute.1

2.2. Important factors to Osmosis and Diffusion include Temperature, Concentration and Surface area to volume ratio. Temperature can affect the rate in which a solute dissolves in a solution, higher temperature faster rate of Osmosis. This is caused by the molecules movements being faster in higher temperatures. Concentrations are important as they affect the movement of solute within a solvent, the lower the concentration the faster osmosis will occur in that solvent. Surface area to volume ratio affects the rate which molecules move, the larger a surface area the move space for molecules to move easily across. The smaller the area the more restricted the molecules movements are the slower rate of movement.1

2.3. The aim of this investigation is to evaluate the process of Osmosis and Diffusion on different concentrations of sodium chloride on a de-shelled chicken egg over a period of 24 hours.

2.4. My hypothesis relating to this investigation is that the de-shelled eggs in different sodium chloride solutions will absorb the water through the process of osmosis which will cause the eggs to increase both their weight and size.

2.5. The outcome varied differently than I had hypothesised the eggs did gain weight and size but the results differed throughout the different percentages of solution. The eggs in the highest concentration of solution had very little increases in size and weight when compared to the ones in the lower solutions. This is because the eggs concentration of solutes is similar to 25% sodium chloride so the rate of osmosis was slowed.

2. Describe the experimental method and design supporting the investigation.

* Paper Towel
* Balance
* 6 Beakers, 200cm3
* 150cm3 of each Sodium Chloride Solution (5%,10%,15%,20%,25%) * 6 Eggs (Already de-shelled)

1. The eggs to be de-shelled in vinegar beforehand.
2. The solutions to be made at selected concentrations and put into beakers. 3. De-shelled eggs need to be weighed and weight needs to be recorded. 4. De-shelled eggs to be placed into the different percentage solution beakers for 24 hours. 5. After 24 hours eggs are to be taken out gently and patted down with paper towel then weighed to measure the results of Osmosis and Diffusion.


Risk| Hazard| Precaution|
Cutting yourself or others| Glassware| Care must be taken when handling|

3.9. Sodium chloride concentrations can differ or it can be replaced with different solutions the experiment can also be conducted with different temperatures instead of a solution.

3.10. The variables to this experiment would be the different sizes and weights in the eggs this can be controlled by getting eggs and weighing them to make sure they are of a similar size and weight to each other. They are placed same type of beaker, have the same amount of water, same temperature for water, same time of day for each and same place.

3. Report and interpretation of results

4.12. Using Final – Initial = D, D ÷ initial x 100 i was able to produce my % results 89.56 – 82.24 = 7.32
7.32 ÷ 82.24 = 0.08900778
0.08900778 x 100 = 8.90077821
Repeated for other results.
Solution Egg was in.| Eggs Weight Before Solution| Eggs Weight After Solution| Percentage Change in Eggs Weight| H20 (Control)| 82.24g| 89.56g| 8.9%|
5% Sodium Chloride| 79.06g| 86.53g| 9.4%|
10% Sodium Chloride| 78.64g| 87.58g| 11.2%|
15% Sodium Chloride| 78.06g| 89.37g...
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