Topics: Osmosis, Semipermeable membrane, Plasmolysis Pages: 1 (744 words) Published: October 28, 2014

The Osmosis Scientific Paper
Emily N. Charbonneau
Grand Valley State University
The point of this experiment was to observe if the different concentrations of sucrose would change the speed of osmosis. Osmosis is a process of a fluid that will pass through a semipermeable membrane into a solution which most of the time has a higher concentration. Osmosis will be demonstrated throughout the lab. The importance of osmosis in a plant and animal cell there is a cell membrane, which helps liquids and some dissolved solids go in and out of it. CITATION Luc26 \l 1033 (Lucke, 1926) It can select what to bring in and put out. Semipermeable means allowing certain substances to pass through the membrane, and only allowing certain solutes. The affects that are needed to allow osmosis to occur are temperature, concentration, surface area, water potential, pressure, and light and dark. The factors that are present in osmosis that I saw were temperature, because with warm water osmosis occurs faster, concentration occurs because the higher the concentration of the sucrose the faster the rate of osmosis occurs. In the experiment there are 3 other reactions that are present are hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic. Hypertonic is when the cell loses water, hypotonic is when the cell gains water and isotonic is when the cell does not gain or lose water. I predict that each cell will become heavier and heavier after each weigh in every 10 minutes. The experiment that my lab partners and I did was make 4 cells, each with 4 different solutions of different concentrations and place them in their own individual beakers filled with deionized water at room temperature. Every 10 minutes for 70 minutes we took out each cell, weighed it, and recorded the data. CITATION Ral \l 1033 (Traxler, 1906)Abstract The materials that were used to set up the experiment were 4 bags of dialysis tubing, 8 clamps, and 4 beakers. The 4 bags will be filled with different solutions one being tap water,...
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