Topics: Water, Osmosis, Cell wall Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Osmosis describes a physical process in which any solvent moves, without input of energy. The word 'osmosis' is particular to the diffusion of water molecules into the cell. These are the ways to see the effects of osmosis on a plant by comparing potatoes placed in different types of water.

These are the materials needed to view osmosis in action:
Potato (sliced into 3)3 Glasses

1.Fill Glass A with pure water while Glass B, mix salt and water on it until saturation or become saltwater. And Glass C, mix salt and water and let the solution have salt crystals at the bottom. 2.Put a sliced of potato on each Glass. Let them soak in the water for few hours.


3.After few hours remove the potatoes on water and look for the difference. 4.These will be the result:

For the GLASS A For the GLASS B & C

-The potato soaked in Glass A is not much different than before. -While the potato soaked in Glass B & C looks substantially different from the original and the other slice. It seems to be wilted, gotten very soft and flexible. -These explain a process called osmosis. The potato is made up of tiny, living units called cells. Each cell is surrounded by a cell membrane. Cell membrane keeps the cells parts inside and keep other things outside, protecting the cell. While this membrane stops most things, water can pass through it. The water tends to move towards higher concentrations of dissolved chemicals. That means that if the water outside the cell is saltier than the water inside, water will move from the inside of the cell to the outside. As more and more of the cells lost water, the slice of potato became soft and flexible. Suppose a plant cell is placed in a solution of salt in water. 1.If the medium is hypotonic — a dilute solution, with a higher water concentration than the cell — the cell will gain water through osmosis. 2....
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