Oskar schindler

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: November 5, 2013
 Oskar was born in 1908 on the 28th of April. He was born into a relatively wealthy family and in his later life he married Emilie Schindler on the 6th March 1928. Oskar was brought up catholic as was Emile. Oskar Schindler was just one of many Budding businessmen trying to get profit from the German invasion of Poland, his business started by him gaining ownership of a former Jewish owned enamelware company which he won the deeds and rights to In a bankruptcy court. Schindler was able to obtain about one thousand Jewish forced labourers to work with the help of his Jewish accountant who was fluent in German; his name was Itzhak Stern who is today famous as the man who typed “Schindler’s list” which was a list of all the names of the people Schindler had managed to save throughout the war. A film version of Oskar’s heroic actions has been made and it is called “schindler’s list” I have seen it and I think it brings home a reality that many other fact based films about World War two just don’t seem to be able to do. Oskar became a very well respected member of Nazi SS parties and was even friends with some very high up SS officials and officers, often saying he could have “easy conversations” with these officers. As he was a friend of the Nazi party his practice of using Jewish labourers, even the elderly or disabled were “employed” by Schindler and the few times Schindler was arrested on various charges such as suspicion of black market activities he was arrested for other offences such as breaking the Nuremberg Laws by kissing a Jewish girl. Schindler was often regarded as a very charming and “sneaky” individual he has this reputation because none of his few arrests ever even got as far as a trial, primarily because he bribed government officials to avoid further investigation. Later on in the war as the Russian army approached the Nazi death camps and neared German homeland the government drew up a plan to halt the productions of any factory not...
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